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Come and explore our Bike Friendly city routes.

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 Hi and welcome to Bespoke Biking.


At BB, we do all kinds of tours around all parts of Winchester but, like the name says, our trips are mainly organised around you.

So we do coaching for those who might feel a bit wobbly about getting on a bike.  We do cycle know-how; how to get about the city, how to negotiate traffic and how to stay safe.

But most of all we do friendly and fun rides.  You’ll see how as you wheel through the site.




We’ve taken a lot of care mapping our routes.

They’ll take you where buses can’t and let you get more of this historic city than you might do on foot.  Our rides cover all the sights but if you fancy bending the route a little to suit your own preferences, no problem.

Call for details.

*Reasonable bike rental available on request.



Coaching What We Do




Unlike some companies, Bespoke Biking coaching is tailored to you. Young or adult, we’ll teach you in the park first, moving on to quiet roads so you can become all the more confident in busier traffic later. We can also help you find and navigate a route to work or your place of study.
Heather Evans our qualified instructor will show you how.

£25 per hour.  Group rates available on request.


Bikeability is all about achieving levels of proficiency.
We do nationally accredited training that’s taught by nationally accredited instructors.

Level 1 is about: safe steering, moving the bike, learning to signal.

Level 2 is about: basic hand signals, junction navigation, road positioning.

Level 3 is about: (teens and adults only), confidence in traffic, one way systems, roundabouts and the rest.

Breeze Rides Catch THE BREEZE – women only rides.


Breeze Rides

BREEZE rides are women-only rides and are sponsored by British Cycling.  They’re fun, free and great for making friends.   The kind of cycling that’s right up our street.

Heather Evans is a trained Breeze Champion and ride leader.  She has introduced dozens of women to her bike rides in Winchester and beyond.  Type Winchester into “Find a Ride” on the Breeze web site.


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Six Rides in six Weeks.


Fancy getting riding in the Autumn sunshine?

Bespoke Biking is here to help!

Why not sign up for SIX RIDES IN SIX WEEKS.

Rides are around 6-10 miles. Taking around 60-90 mins. On quiet, safe roads or cycle paths.

  1. St Cross
  2. The Good Life
  3. Twyford
  4. Chilcomb
  5. Clarendon Way
  6. Easton

On the course you will:

- Gain confidence cycling.

- Burn some calories in fresh air.

- Learn a basic maintenance check for your bike

- Build up your stamina as we tackle gentle hills

- Meet others who are getting on their bikes on a sociable ride.

- Find safe beautiful routes to get out and about on bikes.

Courses are running either on a Tuesday 1.00pm, or Friday morning. Come and join the fun.

The charge for the course is £50. Individual rides will cost £10 each. By signing up for the course you save £10 on the whole package.

If you are interested, email heather@bespokebiking, suggesting the time that suits you and we will get your bespoke course up and peddling!



1.00 – 3.15pm  Bespoke Ride  1 of the Six.  Call or email to book.



9.15-10.45 am Bespoke 1 of six rides


1.30 – 3.15 pm Bespoke 1 of six rides


Call or email to book.




9.15 – 11.00  Bespoke 1 of six rides.  Call or email to book

Saturday Rides

Rides will take place on Saturday mornings too, however, we can be flexible, so just get in touch.

Email to book your place, but please remember, here at Bespoke we can also tailor our rides to times to suit you.

Just give us a call or drop us a line.

Contact Get in Touch

Get in touch!

Thanks and we hope you’ve now got some idea of what Bespoke Biking is all about.

Get in touch to book on a ride or if you have any questions and look forward to seeing you on a bike in Winchester sometime soon.

Mind how you go!