Winchester Bike Hub

Bike Repair, Bike Hire, Route Guides, Special events

A place for all things cycling: bike maintenance, training, bike hire, a place to pick up accessories.  Why not donate a bike you no longer need?  Or come and find a bargain as you browse our refurbished used bikes.

The Bike Hub at Open House Deli, is the place for all things cycling!  Drop your bike off for a service or repair, pick up an accessory and have great coffee and cake all made on the premises.

To book your bike in:

Click on the date below to book a workshop slot, or email us your question or pop in and chat.  We will do all we can to keep you rolling.  Please bear with us at busy times of year.  We will do our best to get bikes back to customers quickly, but at busy times it could take a few working days.


Open House Deli - Welcome

Open House Deli Welcomes you!

This the place where everyone is welcome whatever your food requirements.  So welcome in you meat eaters, carb cravers, plant lovers, gluten avoiders, vegetarians, flexitarians… we love you all!

We are a sustainably run kitchen and deli aspiring to bring inspiring and fulfilling food on the go.

This is why we have created a menu you can tailor to your tastes; starting with vegan based breakfasts and lunches; we give you the choice to ‘top’ with meats, fish, cheeses, stuffed vegetables, fritters and dips.  Together with hot drinks, cakes and savoury snacks; there’s enough to power you through your afternoon.


Come start your day right with our ‘oats bar’.  Everyday there will be a choice of an oats base, from Bircher muesli, hearty porridge and overnight oats; Made with milk and m*lks(Dairy free milk).  You can then top them with a variety of seasonal compotes, yogurt, nuts and local honey etc. We will also bring daily hot pots, banana bread and breakfast muffins.


Vibrant and seasonal salads with local vegetables make the base of our lunches; choose from a variety of 5-6 changing salads depending on your mood. We ensure there are options for both gluten free and plant based diets. We’ve created our menu so you can then top your lunch with meats, fish, protein, carbohydrates and fats.  We’ll also bring daily vegan and meat hot pots.

What's on at the Bike Hub - and where to find it

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To book, fill in the booking form underneath each event in our Events diary - or contact us by phone or email.