Cycle training and coaching

We do nationally accredited training that’s taught by nationally accredited instructors.

We do coaching for those who might feel a bit wobbly about getting on a bike. We do cycle know-how; how to get about the city, how to negotiate traffic and how to stay safe. But most of all we do friendly and fun rides. Unlike some companies, Bespoke Biking coaching is tailored to you. Young or adult, we’ll teach you in the park first, moving on to quiet roads so you can become all the more confident in busier traffic later. We can also help you find and navigate a route to work or your place of study.

£30 per hour. Group rates available on request.

Bikeability - cycling proficiency for the 21st century

logo-bikeability2Bikeability is a national scheme aimed at helping adults and children gain the skills and confidence to ride their bikes on today’s roads. Heather Evans, our Bikeability qualified instructor, will show you how.

Level 1 is about: safe steering, moving the bike, learning to signal.

Level 2 is about: basic hand signals, junction navigation, road positioning.

Level 3 (teens and adults only) is about confidence in traffic, one way systems, roundabouts and the rest.

To book, call 07920 776994 or email us.