Let our qualified & experienced mechanics check and repair your bike.

We can repair and replace parts at very reasonable rates. We don't mind if your bike is new, high end, well used or neglected.  If it is old, cheap or has been sitting in the shed for a couple of years, we'll do what we can to get you safely back on the road.

Advice & chat: FREE!

Tune Up: £48 + parts

Service: £75 + parts

Custom builds, wheel builds and other services to order.

There's usually a mechanic present in our shop The Bike Hub at Open House Deli, 4a Middle Brook Street (next door to Poundland) - see  Bike Hub page for more info.

At other times, we can often arrange to meet you to receive bikes for repair and hand them back when complete. Contact us for details.

Learn to fix it yourself

We run various maintenance courses and short workshops so you can learn how to keep your own bike running. See our maintenance classes page.

Book your bike in for a service

Go to the Bike Hub page, pick a date from the list, then fill in the booking form.  Its a busy time of year, but we will endeavour to get your bike back to you fixed as quickly as we can.  Please bear with us at busy times.