Bike hire

Need a bike?  We can help.

Whether it's a tandem, mountain bike, hybrid, a kid's bike or a tagalong (trailer bike), we have a bike for you.

Adult bikes

Hybrids and mountain bikes

Off-roaders for the trails and excellent hybrid bikes for the roads and cyclepaths. Our quality bikes make cycling joy.

3 Hours: £15.

1 day: £25.

Try a Townie!

Heather's favourite bike

For a special treat why not hire Lipstick? Our bright pink cruiser bike is built for comfort, style and head-turning good looks. Of course we'll have to prise it away from the boss first...

3 Hours: £15.

1 day: £25.


Try a bicycle built for two

Our Circe Helios tandem has a back seat that's adjustable for anyone from a 6-year-old child to adult. Great for specific needs or those lacking confidence.

3 Hours: £20.

1 day: £35.

Kids' bikes

Lightweight and rideable

Light and rideable, available in 2 sizes, our high-quality 'Frog' brand bikes get young legs turning easily.

3 Hours: £7.

1 day: £10.

Trailer cycles and child trailers

Trailer cycles, Tagalongs, trailerbikes...

whatever you call them, these are like the back half of a bike and attach to an adult bike for safe cycling together. Get those 3–7 year olds to help with leg power. We will set you up.

Child trailers

We also have a couple of covered trailers suitable for transporting smaller children.

3 Hours: £7.

1 day: £10.

To book, email us your heights and requirements and we will get you riding.

Credit card or cash deposit required.

Discounts available on longer hires.  3 days 10% discount, 5 days + 20% discount.

We also offer longer term hire of baby seats and tag-alongs.  Try them out, give them back!

Advance booking only. It's vital to book as we can’t guarantee availability for walk-ins. Pickup can be arranged either from our Bike Hub in central Winchester during opening hours, or from our storage location a few minutes' walk from the railway station.